Public Domain Resource
for Collage

As covered in the Copyright page, it is best to use original images in your collage.However, another image resource is public domain imagery.

In general, works produced before 1923 and most work created by the UnitedStates government are in public domain. They are free to use in any manner youdesire. Other later copyrights may have not been renewed, but that can be difficult to research.

With any of these resources, read the legal agreements and use at your own risk!

Migrant Mother by Dorthea Lange from the Library of Congress, shown on the right.

Public Domain Resources - Center for the Study of Public domain from Duke University. - Dover publishes many books and CD's of public domain art. They are inexpensive, highquality and have a good, clear licensing agreement. - Public domain info from Wikipedia - CIA Factbook, text and images. - Movie titles in public domain.

Public Domain Images to Download - Some wonderful high-resolution files from the New York Public Library. - NEW - A wide variety of public domain images, video and more. - NEW - Community indexed photo archive

Library of Congress - - Open clip art - Great maps!

Wikimedia Commons - from Wikipedia

Public domain resources - from Wiki

Public domain image resources - from Wiki

Text to Download - Need text? Over 30,000 public domain books on-line! - The University of PA has over 35,000 books. - Wikipedia is the free on-line encyclopedia. - Generates Lorem Ipsum greeking. I use this and it's fun!