Paint in Collage

Collage lends itself to watermedia. You can use acrylic mediums as adhesive and add acrylic, water based crayon, pencil and about any drawing media.

Watercolor works, but tends to run when you add acrylic medium. There is an easy solution I discovered. Just spray a light coat of acrylic, such as Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating,#T303. This allows you to use all the neat watercolor effects such as salt or recycle failed watercolor paintings.

I like Golden paint and mediums. The Liquitex Professional paint is good, but their Basics paint is inexpensive with a lot of filler. Art is hard enough with good materials, buy professional grade paint!

While I'm not a traditional painter, when I do paint representational acrylic paintings, I prefer a very limited palette. For example, I prefer to mix my greens. For mixed media work, convenience colors are, well convenient! When you are painting a large surface area, such as a background, it's nice to have a pigment out of the jar. Especially if you need to retouch an area.

A common flaw with mixed media work is lack of color harmony. Like design, simplier usually works better. Try a neutral background of gray or titan buff. If you use color, make one color dominate with touches of complimentary color.

Recently I have been using a split primary pallette. This allows me to mix a range of harmonious, bright colors. I use white gesso and black gesso with the colors to get tints and shades. The pairs are:

  • Pyrrole Red Light & Hansa Yellow Medium has an orange bias and mix a wonderful and harmonious red, orange and yellow.
  • Quinacridone Magenta & Ultramarine Blue has a violet bias. Quinacridone Magenta and black is a wonderful eggplant color.
  • Hansa Yellow Light & Phthalo Blue Green Shade has a green bias. Allows a bright and tropical green mix.

Many artists, including myself, strugle with color. The key for me was to use a very simple palette. I use the two of the colors above plus the complement as a "kicker". It works. I and also using a lot more gray. It's really about value not the hue anyway. Golden makes a set of several grays in a jar that are very handy.

Convenience Colors - If I was going try to paint a landscape or something representational I would mix all my color. It's fun and you need the variety of shades, tints and hues. For mixed media I find I often have to touch up and paint out of the jar or tube is very handy. If I do have to mix, I mix enough quantity of paint and store a some in a sealed jar until the painting is finished.

Painting Links - The most complete color info anywhere! It is based on watercolor, but is useful for acrylic or any media. It's truly a book on-line!

The Bruce MacEvoy color wheel from the above web site, is the best I've ever seen! Download and print the .PDF file on your color printer.