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Contemporary mixed media collage using modern techniques
by joel Sampson

Collage College is an on-line resource guide for collage and mixed media artists. I try to cover topics of interest, such as collage and mixed media technique, copyright, sources of public domain images you can freely use in your own work, collage materials and tools, links and more.

joel Sampson (publisher of this site) is a full-time artist. I work in collage and mixed media, which often incorporates my photography. I have been working in new media electronics art assemblege the past few years and have good success with it. It's very unique, loud and fun! I also do straight photography of urban landscape. More information is available at my personal web site,

A collage is a work of art made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. Collage is from the French word coller, to glue. While paper is often used, a wide variety of materials can be used when creating collage.


September, 2018 -- I did some minor updating and rewritting.

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